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  • Infrastructure

    Intersection of the north-south and east-west motorway axes, Deutsche Bahn's north-south high speed line and a new regional Airport: Northern Hesse has an outstanding transport connection!

  • Commuter portal northern Hesse

    Northern Hesse has its own portal for searching of Hesse-wide and regional borders intersecting carpools.

  • Public transportation

    23 lines connect the region and the city by tram, RegioTram, regional train and RegionalExpress.

Northern Hesse - in the heart of Germany

Northern Hesse is at the centre of Europe and constitutes, measured by its accessibility, the geographical heart of Germany. This is also reflected in the optimum infrastructure of the region. For, from Kassel, Hamburg is as close as Stuttgart and Milan is as close as Warsaw. A reason for companies from the mobility industry to settle in northern Hesse. And an advantage for companies that are constantly strengthening their position on the global market.

Northern Hesse's metropolis Kassel is not just in the geographical heart of Germany, but is also at the centre of Deutsche Bahn's north-south high speed line and is at the intersection of the north-south and east-west motorway axes.

The cargo transport centre benefits from the efficiency of the central location, creates synergies through the concentration of the resources of production, trade and the University of Kassel, and makes use of these resources. This is the ideal location for city logistics, fresh food delivery and dangerous goods' storage companies, as well as for service companies. Global market giants such as Libri, Amazon and the Volkswagen Original Parts Centre are already making use of the logistical advantages that the location of northern Hesse has to offer.

The perfectly developed infrastructure, the central location and low-cost, large commercial spaces won them over. Northern Hesse will offer top logistics space for companies in the future too. All the sites have been planned and developed according to an innovative traffic management concept which takes the fastest possible access by the motorway and railway network into consideration, as well as the expertise available locally and the fast availability of large commercial spaces. Thus, interested companies can make use of the strategic advantages as soon as tomorrow.

The best cut-off time in Germany

Northern Hesse has the latest acceptance time for consignments in Germany. Consignments reach any destination in Germany overnight, time-critical goods are distributed on time and even European economic centres are supplied overnight. This makes the region a competitive distribution location for the distribution of goods throughout Germany and Europe.