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Supply and disposal

The supply with vital infrastructures (water, energy, communication, waste management) not only faces technical challenges, but is also subject to general social, economic and environmental conditions.

In the area of decentralised energy supply systems, northern Hesse enjoys an international reputation as a location for application, research and development, as well as production and services. The electricity in Kassel, for example, is already 100% green electricity. Northern Hesse is striving to become a "100% renewable energy region": by 2025, an almost self-sufficient supply is to be achieved from energy sources, such as the wind, the sun and biogas. With the largest solar park in Hesse in Wolfhagen and the forthcoming construction of approx. 600 new wind turbines, the region is moving towards this goal in leaps and bounds.

A northern Hesse-wide extension of the broadband coverage is also planned. Thus, the whole of northern Hesse is to be supplied with fast Internet.

Northern Hesse will also be optimally equipped for the future challenges with regard to supply and disposal.

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