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Local transport area

Useful information:

  •  7.000 km² area
  •  7.113 km line network
  •  84 stations 5.608 stops
  •  Around 1 million inhabitants
  • 483.6 million km (passenger kilometres/year)


The Nordhessische VerkehrsVerbund manages and organises the cooperation of more than 40 northern Hesse transport companies with the city, the state and the districts. Through the introduction of a network fare, a uniform and customer-friendly fare system developed for the whole region.


23 lines connect the region and the city by tram, RegioTram, regional train and RegionalExpress. But the most important form of public transport in northern Hesse is the bus. For almost 70% of the daily mileage is done by bus. The tram and bus network in the greater Kassel region is constantly being extended and modernised. The introduction of the integrated clock-face timetable has led to increased efficiency and trains that are optimally coordinated to one another. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also improves the balance sheet of the transport companies. 

  • Here, you can access the timetable information of the NVV directly.
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