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Northern Hesse motorway intersection

Northern Hesse has excellent transport links. The national north-south route (A7/A5) and the east-west route (A44/A4) both run through the region. The extension of the A44 and the A49 will result in further improvements to journey times.

Good railway network connections

With regard to railways, the region boasts good connections. With the northern cargo transport centres, a significant proportion of the region's freight volume is pooled across all modes of transport (road-rail), combined, and thus makes an important contribution to the avoidance of traffic and transfer of traffic to the railway. There is also the station Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe with 250 arrivals and departures per day. The use of ICE trains makes it possible to reach Frankfurt Airport in approx. 1.5 hours. Thus a direct connection to an international air hub is available.

Characteristic for Kassel is that most of long-distance traffic is handled by the railway station “Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe”. The former main station was thoroughly renovated and considered as a cultural station (Kulturbahnhof) with regional access. There you’ll find art galleries, museums, an architecture center, restaurants, venues for live music etc.

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From 2010 to 2013, the existing Kassel-Calden Airport was expanded to create a new regional airport, with the result that the region is now directly involved in national and international air traffic. The central geographical location of northern Hesse in Germany and Europe is constantly gaining in significance. In this context, the expanded airport will play a special role for the region.

Holiday flights, business trips, parachute jumps or sightseeing flights around the region: discover the numerous services that the airport in Kassel has in store for you.

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The region is also innovative with regard to local transport. Northern Hesse relies on the concept of the RegioTram and thus puts one of the most modern local transport systems in the world into practice. The RegioTram combines the systems of train and tram that have, until now, been separate. The central interface of the RegioTram system is Kassel's main station, from which the vehicles start off into the northern Hesse municipalities on different routes.