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    The Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH coordinates the central measures to strengthen the economic growth and employment in the northern Hesse.

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Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH

The northern Hesse Region has meanwhile taken up an excellent position in the international competition for locations. It lies at the heart of Germany and is a top location for the mobility industry while becoming an innovative logistics hub, think tank and technology driver for the energy turn - around, highly specialised healthcare location and at the same time, one of Germany’s most attractive hilly regions. Numerous global market leaders such as Viessmann, B. Braun, SMA, Volkswagen, Continental or Amazon give the region a globally attractive profile. And lesser known SME companies that play just as successful a role in international business also make a major contribution to the story of northern Hesse’s success. They are expert suppliers, develop new products and processes and use their regional knowhow. After all, the region also offers an excellent research landscape with close cooperation between universities, user centres and business related research institutes together with an exciting start-up scene. This success was not apparent from the start. Even at the turn of the millennium, the region’s new position at the heart of Germany still offered lots of potential that remained untouched.


The Regional Management was set up to make better use of this potential. Its Shareholders are the City of Kassel, the five rural districts in northern Hesse together with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Skilled Crafts and the association Pro Nordhessen. Since then, it coordinates the central activities to boost growth and employment in northern Hesse. In this shared framework, the political and business sectors pursue the joint aims of expanding and effectively marketing regional expertise in the clusters for mobility, decentralised energies, ICT, healthcare and tourism. Networks and cooperation forums have initiated numerous new projects and business transactions, including the Logistics Academy, the METAKUS application centre, the shared umbrella brand called GrimmHeimat NordHessen or the strategic promotion of start-ups with 400 new businesses and 2,000 jobs. In future too, the focus will continue to be on working together to develop innovative projects. One particular example here consists in the self-supporting expansion of a fibreglass network for northern Hesse as the largest project of its kind in Europe.


    • to boost employment and growth
    • to safeguard and create viable jobs
    • to increase the innovation powers and networking in the region
    • to enhance the image and popularity of northern Hesse



    • network development, cluster and project management
    • location and tourism marketing
    • coordination of economic development activities and funding management
    • investor service and business settlement

      Mission statement 2022

      "The region Nordhessen is one of the most attractive European regions which generates ideas and innovation and therefore offers families, qualified employees and companies quality of life and future jobs centrally located within Europe. The fields of competencies mobility and logistics, energy, tourism and health are the supporting pillars of competitiveness and innovativeness.

      A modern industry, interdisciplinary innovative approaches which rely on close collaboration with an application-oriented higher education area are fundamental for the regions success.
      This fact is supported by numerous pilot and research projects, especially in future fields like decentralised energy technology and energy efficiency.

      The regional co-operation partners stand for a networked and successful regional development management to improve competitiveness and to offer sustainable high-income jobs and therefore, to encourage the balance between rural areas and the city region."