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Einzigartiges aus Nordhessen

Nordhessen ist und war schon immer eine Region voller Erfindergeist, Innovationskraft und Superlativen. Wir zeigen Ihnen in vier ausgewählten Kategorien einige Beispiele.

The largest...

  • ... mountain park of Europe

    The Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel is the largest mountain park of Europe. The park have an area of 2.4 square kilometers and since 2013 an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • … original parts centre in Europe
    Volkswagen’s Original Parts Centre is the largest spare parts warehouse in Europe, covering an area of one square kilometre.

  • … cherry growing area in Europe
    The city of Witzenhausen and surrounding area is considered the largest single cherry growing area in Europe. Over 150,000 cherry trees standing in the area.

  • … ski-jumping hill
    The Mühlenkopfschanze in Willingen is the largest ski-jumping hill in the world, where skiers can jump over 150 metres.

  • … exhibition of contemporary art
    The documenta in Kassel is currently the world’s largest and most important exhibition of contemporary art, and is held every five years.

The first...

  • ...clock in the world with a second hand
    Clockmaker Jost Bürgi built the first ever clock with a second hand in Kassel in 1585 at a time when almost no one had any idea what a second was.

  • … fixed theatre building in Germany
    The Ottoneum in Kassel was built in 1603- 1606 as the fist fixed theatre building of Germany.

  • … public museum in Europe
    The Fridericianum was built in 1779 as the first public museum on the European continent.

  • ... commercially traded and functioning computer
    The Zuse KG in Bad Hersfeld was the company of computer pioneer Konrad Zuse and produced from 1941, the first commercial and working computer worldwide.

  • … pedestrianized area in Germany
    The Treppenstrasse in Kassel was the first pedestrianized area to be planned and put in place in Germany. It was inaugurated in 1953. 

The oldest...

  • … festival in Germany
    The Lullusfest in Bad Hersfeld is the oldest festival in Germany and has been celebrated in honour of Archbishop Lull, the founder of Bad Hersfeld, since 852.

  • … church bell of Germany  
    In Bad Hersfeld hangs the oldest church bell of Germany, the "Lullusglocke" inside the St. Catherine's Tower of the ruins of the convent church. It was manufactured in the year 1038.

  • … symphony orchestra in Germany
    The Kassel Staatsorchester was formed in 1502 and is the oldest symphony orchestra in Germany, and one of the oldest in the world.

  • … zoo in Europe
     Sababurg zoo was opened as long ago as 1571, making it the oldest zoo in Europe.

  • … basswood tree of Germany
    The oldest basswood tree of Germany (over 1000 years old) can be found in Schenklengsfeld, district Hersfeld Rotenburg.

Inventions and more

  • Steam engine
    Denis Papin built the first functioning steam engine in 1690. It was a cylinder, in which a little water and a flask were, which was brought by heating and cooling on the move.

  • Plastic cannula for continuous infusion
    The first plastic cannula for continuous infusion was invented by Bernd Braun (great-grandson of company founder B. Braun) in 1962.

  • Water features in Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe
    The water features in the Wilhelmshöhe landscape park, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013, are powered entirely by pumpless technology.

  • Museum für Sepulkralkultur
    The Museum for Sepulchral Culture is the only museum in the world devoted to death and dying.

  • Course of studies in nanostructure sciences
    The University of Kassel is the only university in Germany to offer a bachelor’s and master’s in nanostructure sciences.