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Northern Hessen is the second largest economic area in Hesse after the Rhine-Main area and continues to develop. The Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH supports the strengthening of the region. In cooperation with the regional business development agencies, it markets the top logistics areas and is available as a contact partner when passing on contacts and pooling of information for investors.

  • Strong business networks
  • Top logistics areas
  • Optimal transport cost advantages
  • Best cut-off time of Germany
    Short distances, quick decisions
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Regional development agencies

Regional development agencies

As a dedicated contact for companies and investors in northern Hesse, the economic promoters (Wirtschaftsförderer) of the districts are always happy to answer any questions concerning investment.


Wirtschaftsförderung Region Kassel GmbH


Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft für den Landkreis Hersfeld-Rotenburg mbH

Schwalm-Eder-Kreis Fachbereich Wirtschaftsförderung


Wirtschaftsförderung und Regionalmanagement Waldeck Frankenberg GmbH

Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Werra-Meißner-Kreis mbH

Top-Logistikflächen - top logistics locations

Top-Logistikflächen - top logistics locations

You cannot get more central than this!

These days, northern Hesse can no longer be ignored on the map of logistics investors. In 2010, the region recorded the largest gross growth in floor area in the logistics industry after Hamburg and the Ruhr; twice as much as in the Rhine-Main region. Industry leaders like Schenker Stinnes Logistics, Hermes Logistik Gruppe and DHL Freight GmbH all operate their largest transshipment centres in northern Hesse.

Warehouses such as Rewe, Edeka or Dänische Bettenlager supply their branches from here. In the logistics sector, margins are low; as such, efficiency is of the utmost importance: logistics service providers were quick to organise themselves into networks in order to avoid empty trips. As a result, there are a number of so-called hubs in northern Hesse, where piece goods are loaded in order to save time and money.
Those responsible have used strategic approaches and intelligent space storage policies to achieve dynamic development and to turn northern Hesse into a location that is demonstrating strong growth for all types of logistics services. Logistics companies from various disciplines are situated in the region and have become successful here. High-tech mail-order companies like Amazon Eu S.a.r.l. and Libri GmbH have been able to achieve formidable growth rates here.

Original Teile Center (OTC) from Volkswagen AG in Baunatal has developed into the largest replacement parts centre in the world with over 450,000 components in a one million square metre large storage area.

Top-Logistikflächen Deutsch (PDF, 1,5 MB)
Top-Logistikflächen English (PDF, 1,5 MB)

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Searching for sites

Searching for sites

You can simply submit your location request directly to us via e-mail or use our investor hotline. We try to respond as soon as possible.


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