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Northern Hesse – Home to innovative companies

With its global market leaders, hidden champions and centres of innovation, the region features a heterogeneous industry structure, which provides workers with a wide range of options when it comes to careers and ways to earn a living. Meanwhile, the well-established educational infrastructure guarantees the very best conditions to schooling and training and is a key pillar for the future development of the key industries.

Northern Hesse among the ten most innovative regions in Europe

Northern Hesse belongs to the Champions League of innovative regions in Europe, the so-called "Innovation Leaders", according to the "Innovation Scoreboard" published by the European Commission in July 2016. The region thus plays in a league with London, North Brab, Jutland or South-East England. In the category "product and process innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises" northern Hesse occupies the first place. The innovative strength of the companies is decisive for this success. Examples include investments such as the Science Park Kassel, projects such as the business plan competition for entrepreneurs (promotion Nordhessen), the expansion of research infrastructure and an operational investment in research and development by the companies.


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Key industries

Key industries

Transport industry


The most important industry in the northern Hesse region in terms of pure economics is the transport industry. This includes the fi elds of vehicle construction/automotive, rail engineering, logistics and transport management, and electromobility. World-class companies have their production sites here, for example Volkswagen AG in Baunatal, Daimler AG and Bombardier Transportation AG in Kassel as well as Continental AG in Korbach.


Decentralised energies

Renewable energies – one of the region’s growth industries. In recent years, extensive knowledge has been accrued regarding the topic of decentralised energies and energy effi ciency. The development has benefitted from the University of Kassel’s early focus on
environmental and energy topics. This has been accompanied by the founding of successful companies, such as the SMA Solar Technology AG, now known across the world for inverter technology and energy management systems. Numerous other companies in the region, the
University of Kassel and various research institutions such as the Fraunhofer IWES (Institute for Wind Energy & Energy Systems Technology) are working in the fi eld of decentralised energy technologies and energy effi ciency. Together, they are turning northern Hesse into
a hot spot within the energy sector that is gaining renown across the globe.



The health economy is a key pillar of the northern Hesse economy. 11 health resorts and spa towns, almost 100 clinics and more than 1,500 practices provide holistic medical care with medical expertise known beyond the region’s borders. Around 100 companies are active in the fi eld of medical technology, including B. Braun Melsungen AG, one of the leading providers of healthcare. Over 65,000 employees generate a gross value added of 3.1 billion EUR per annum. A network focusing on innovative topics has been established: the Health Region of northern Hesse. By networking skilled partners from science and education, industry and provision, the potentials in the healthcare sector are being utilised, in turn strengthening the region of northern Hesse.



We place a special focus on our tourist potential. Tourist sites and spa towns are highlighted in all regional analyses and development concepts. Building on pre-existing partnerships, the tourism cluster has developed into a broad network of regional and local tourism
organisations, hotels and restaurants since the founding of regional management. Since 2009, this network, which has been further expanded by the most varied service companies, has been brought together under the common umbrella brand ”GrimmHeimat NordHessen“.