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Leisure time is the most valuable time, a good reason to have all sorts of fun during it. With wildlife parks, sightseeing tours, guided city tours and many other extraordinary leisure activities, northern Hesse promises the utmost enjoyment. Many types of sport are possible here: from climbing, running, canoeing and hiking to skiing and tobogganing. In northern Hesse, every sportsman's heart beats faster! Discover the culinary side of northern Hesse too and try the many regional delicacies.

Discover and experience northern Hesse!



Dining in northern Hesse

Dining in northern Hesse


Kassel green sauce, weckewerk (a northern Hesse sausage speciality), speckkuchen (bacon quiche), duckefett (sauce made from bacon, onions and sour cream): you should definitely try these northern Hesse specialities. The regional delicacies taste best prepared on site. The best known regional speciality is probably the traditional northern Hesse "ahle wurscht" (a hard pork sausage). Experience the unmistakeable taste for yourself. more info...

Experience a very special menu with the fairy tale chefs. more info...


Barbecue areas and barbecue huts

Northern Hesse has a variety of barbecue areas and barbecue huts, making it possible to have a relaxed celebration outside, either with close friends or in large groups. more info...

Out and about in northern Hesse

Out and about in northern Hesse

On the railway

Northern Hesse offers extraordinary experiences. Travel through the region with the Hessencourrier, for example, or travel on the narrow gauge railway at the Steinertsee. Travelling with historic trains is a special adventure for young and old alike. more info...


Aviation and air sport activities

You can find parachuting, hot air balloon trips, glider flights and countless other air sport activities under the following link. more info...  

Sport in northern Hesse

Sport in northern Hesse


At 615 metres above sea level "Hohes Gras" is the highest point of Habichtswald Nature Park and is also located right on the border of the city of Kassel. The modern skiing region is impressive due to its floodlights, the 510 metre long ski-run for skiers and snowboarders and the 200 metre long toboggan run. Northern Hesse also offers a number of other attractive winter sports options. They include groomed ski-runs, well-prepared cross country tracks, romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides, ski jumping and the magic of the mountain huts. The best winter sport conditions can be found in the regions around Willingen and on the Hoher Meissner. Other regions of northern Hesse with good winter sport conditions are the Eisenberg in Waldhessen and the Kurhessen mountainous area. more info...



Outdoor pools, indoor pools, thermal baths or saunas – you can find everything in northern Hesse. In July 2013, the new indoor and outdoor pool is opened on Auedamm, and is to have much greater areas of water than the old swimming stadium. more info...



The “Helfensteine” consist of 10 basalt massifs with 30 routes. They are ideal for beginners. The “Hundsbergklippen” are a basalt cliff with a maximum height of 20m and 40 routes. Both climbing areas are located near Zierenberg.
The “Michelskopf” near Helsa offers several basalt massifs up to 15 m height, 20 routes and offers good bouldering opportunities.
The “Scharfenstein” is the most significant rock climbing area in northern Hesse, with up to 25m high basalt walls and about 90 routes. The “Scharfenstein” is located near Gudensberg, in the Schwalm Eder District.
You can find high rope courses, climbing parks, indoor climbing facilities and many other kinds, and information on climbing in the region under the following links:



Northern Hesse provides a lot of opportunities for enthusiastic runners. You can find helpful information and tips related to "running" under the following link: more info...