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Education and upbringing begin in the family. The family is the first place where a child gets education, and thus the most important place for the first years of his/her life. Additional places, such as childcare centres and childminders are added, so that the parents can manage a family and a career.

Frankenburg has recently received the title “Hesse’s family town with a future” for its childcare concepts.

Further links

Further links

  • The Welcome Point University of Kassel provides information about childcare, amongst other things: more info...

Help in old age

Demographic change is a current issue in northern Hesse too, as there is an increasing number of old people, compared to a decreasing number of young people. For this reason, in particular, consideration must be shown for the needs of the older generation.

A number of different factors influence the health of a person over the course of their life. These include their lifestyle, their health behaviour, their situation in life, their social status, their medical and nursing care and basic social conditions.


Wellbeing and quality of life in old age are heavily influenced by the state of a person’s health. For this reason, sufficient exercise is indispensable for physical and mental mobility. The prerequisite for this is the provision of services to safeguard health and promote exercise for senior citizens.


Older people would like to be as independent as possible. Accordingly, the most important key objective of Hessian senior citizens’ policy is to support senior citizens with their independence and to incorporate them in social and political life.

To make life in their own home possible for the senior citizens, care at home tailored to the needs of older people is necessary. The Hessian state government is working on care support points to guarantee this independence.


Further Links

Further Links

  • AWO Nordhessen offers assisted living in nursing homes in a total of 21 locations in the entire region: more info...
  • You can find the programme booklet with countless activities and courses for senior citizens under the following link: more info...
  • You can find a variety of offers and tips for senior citizens here: more info...
  • The health project “Senior citizens’ health in northern Hesse” is targeted at families with members in need of care. It provides support and recuperation: more info...
  • The database “Betreut.de” helps you with the search for nurses and carers for senior citizens: more info...

Pet care

Pets mean joy, but also responsibility. But our everyday working life, holidays, illness, old age and other factors often prevent us from being able to provide our own pets with the care and support that they deserve and need. Therefore, good pet care is all the more important, so that the pets get care and attention when you are prevented from providing it.



  • “Betreut.de” arranges pet carers, pet trainers and pet hotels: more info..
  • Find a pet carer near you: Pet care in Hesse. more info..

Housework and the garden

Housework can quickly become a source of stress. Your job, children or pets take up a lot of time. This may mean less time for both housework and the garden. That is why many people want reliable domestic staff and gardeners, so that there is more time for other things.



  • Here, you can find help for the garden, housework, moving, handymen or cleaners. more info...